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Mrs Keely:  Learning Support.


Learning to count is a vital skill for children. This involves both counting objects and recognizing the numbers in written form. By the beginning of first class children will be introduced to numbers up to 100 and in second and third classes will  be working on numbers to 1000. Some children need lots of practice to master the skill of counting, an essential skill in learning maths. Counting money is an excellent way to learn to understand place value - tens and hundreds - by organizing cents into bundles of ten and then hundreds to make up a euro.  Cards with numbers written on them help to teach children to recognize numbers. 

Telling  the Time

Some children find telling the time very difficult. To help your child start with the analogue clock and work on 'o clock'. When the child understands the position of the long and short hand for times from one o clock to twelve o clock, move on to 'half past'', then quarter past' and 'quarter to' and finally the full clock. Also use the language of time regularly - bedtime in five minutes, programme starts in twenty minutes etc. Wearing a watch also helps children to become aware of time.  This preparation will make learning time much more manageable when  children begin to learn time more formally in school,