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Confirmation 2017

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Congratulations to the girls from 6th class who received the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday March 24th 2017. As is tradition we had our fashion show on Monday March 27th. With our new extension we had a perfect catwalk for the girls to use. Below are some of the photographs taken on the day. How well all the girls looked in their style.

.2017-03-26 12.39.26.jpg                       2017-03-26 12.56.33.jpg       2017-03-26 12.54.41.jpg                       2017-03-26 12.52.19.jpg       2017-03-26 12.50.00.jpg                       2017-03-26 12.47.51.jpg       2017-03-26 12.45.53.jpg                       2017-03-26 12.43.40.jpg       2017-03-26 12.41.31.jpg                                                                                                         2017-03-26 13.06.15.jpg